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Slim Spurling

By Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Today, more than ever, we better understand the realities of the inter-woven relationships between our environment, how we impact that environment, and how it affects our health and well being. We believe in the application of scientific discovery combined with the power of the human mind, body, and spirit. We advocate strengthening not only our immune systems, but also include faith to help lead us all to reach amazing, positive, life enhancing results.
The information we offer is based upon historical and current research, and evidence that points us toward, often obvious, positive lifestyle changes. The Light-Life Tools bring, what we believe to be, positive influence to counter the overwhelming negative energies generated by outside forces today.

The products you will learn about here have been helpful to many people in:

  • Improving their health
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing well-being in general
  • Reducing the necessity for chemicals in the home
  • Helping to clean up the environment

The LIGHT-LIFE RING is created by using the Ancient Egyptian measurement of one Sacred Cubit equal to 20.6 inches. This specific length carries frequencies or wavelengths that transmit a spiritual code. When these spiritually coded frequencies meet with a like body they establish a harmonic resonance between them. The properties of the Ring are such that a light field is produced on both sides of the center plane in the ring. The light field is generated from the "stillness" of the center plane. The "stillness" refers to the tensor of the plane. Within this plane, the generation of photons creates a quantum effect. This effect can actually be seen in a dimly lighted room. .

  • The quantum effects have been studied instrumentally: spectral output of light from treated water; in growth studies; taste tests. When a chemical analysis of a sample of water exposed to a ring for twelve hours is compared to water from its original source, the assay for the two samples will be different, showing improved clarity. This was also confirmed by psychic observation. The surface tension of water is lowered when a container of it is set momentarily in the light field or the ring is held over the container. Water so treated has a lower freezing point and a different crystalline structure than untreated water. Take two identical glasses of ice water, set one in a ring, the other a foot or so away and see which melts first!
  • The Sacred Cubit rings appear to have a powerful impact on changing and bringing more light to physical situations. Place it on your body wherever you feel discomfort. Many experience instant relief. You can also use it for energizing your food. Place it on your fridge, on your stove burners, over your fruit bowl - unlimited applications!
  • The Light Life™ Rings bring more life force energy to everything in its field, thereby contributing to our well-being. Use the Light Life™ Rings on whatever you wish to infuse more vitality, i.e. to a situation,n person, animals and plants.

The LIGHT-LIFE RING is produced in several sizes of wire, from ½ cubit to 3-½ cubit. The ½ Sacred Cubit and 1 Sacred Cubit are quite portable in pocket or purse. The 2 to 3 ½ cubit sizes have many purposes: to sit in or on during meditation; to stand in a 3 ½ Cubit Ring and have someone work on you with an Acu-Vac Coil; to lower slowly over the body before and after "coil work" in assisting the release of non-supportive energies; to remove and re-align with the Acu-Vac Coil the body hologram of the etheric and astral bodies.


Water emits instrumentally verifiable light. Some individuals with extraordinarily good vision are able to see this phenomenon.

Psychics and radionics operators verify greater "vitality" of water.

Potentized water alters the freezing and boiling point.

The light field above or below the Ring appears to relax the cell membranes to allow better oxygen, nutrient, waste transport in and out of the cell.

Less is better: when drinking the super-potentized water, which has been in a Light Life™ ring, Acu-Vac Coil and Feedback Loop configuration, start with ½ glass twice a day and slowly increase over a week or two. Detoxification may occur, manifesting as dark urine, diarrhea, rashes or pustules on the skin - depending on type of toxicity and amount of water consumed per day. It is best to go slow so the release of toxins does not overload elimination organs. Observe yourself for "healing crisis" symptoms. Too rapid detoxifying may produce some unpleasant effects.

Plants appear to grow greener and taller with larger leaves and fewer insects.

Animals prefer to consume the potentized water.

Static charge of the body and clothing is greatly reduced when the Ring is used. Water changes from very acidic pH to neutral or slightly alkaline when left standing in the ring for 24-48 hrs.

If the cylindrical beam of the Ring, which is perpendicular to the plane, is directed at storm clouds with a gray-green color indicating the potential for tornado or severe storm, the gray-green color may disappear very fast. DO NOT USE ON clouds unless "gray-green" is seen, simply because we do want rain, at least in Colorado.  

When standing or sitting in the Ring to work or meditate, it is best to start with short periods of time. Time can be increased according to ones comfort level.

One clairvoyant reports that simultaneous use of Ring, Acu-Vac Coil, and Feedback Loop on liquids imparts the most "peaceful" liquid aura that he has ever observed. Set the container in a Light Life™ Ring, hold Acu-Vac Coil above in "pulling" mode, and sweep up and down sides with the Feedback Loop. Taste before and after.

Slim Spurling

Slim Spurling was in born in 1938 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. After World War II Slim's family moved to a small ranch near Morrison, Colorado. He attended the local schools and graduated from Mullen H.S. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University, majoring in Forestry and Botany, minoring in Mycology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. He served in the U.S Navy and was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Naval Air Reserve.

His life experiences included a twenty-year career as an artist-blacksmith and founder of the largest school of blacksmithing in the USA in the 1970's. His first student is now the Founder and Curator of the National Blacksmiths Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Slim developed a keen interest in metaphysics that was inspired and guided by two near-deaths and an out-of-body experience.

Slim began practicing the ancient art of dowsing in 1970 and invented a very simple and inexpensive method of neutralizing Geopathic stress. He was an internationally recognized expert in the art and was known for conducting seminars several times annually in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and South Africa.  

Slim began research in subtle energy phenomena and technologies in 1985. In 1991 he invented a device now known as the Light-Life TM Ring. Further inventions based on this technology are the Acu-Vac Coil, the Feedback Loop and the Harmonizer. These Light-LifeTM Tools, which are room temperature super-conductors, produce positive subtle energy effects in areas as diverse as pain relief, enhanced healing ability of the body in injury or illness, improving water quality, air pollution abatement, certain types of insect control and increased plant growth.

He co-founded the Geobiology Research Association in 1993. The Association is a network of student-associates who practice the art of dowsing in areas that range from diverting geopathic stress to alleviating various physical, mental or emotional symptoms for households or business enterprises. Field reports gathered for over 18 years from full and part-time practitioners form a body of evidence for the reality of geopathic stress and the fact that it can be eliminated.
Slim met Katharina Kaffl in Fall of 1997 at his first workshop near Munich, Germany. In 2001 they were married. To Slim’s intuitive genius, Katharina brought her extensive professional experience in business, finance and practice as a healer. Before long, she also became a collaborator in his creative world of Light-Life™ Technologies. On a higher level, Katharina and Slim’s marriage wed their commitment to each other with their dream of bringing harmony and healing to the world and all of its people.
The techniques and technologies for personal and environmental health are now recognized and put into practice by a growing network of associate researchers worldwide who are keenly interested in these issues of health and environment.

Slim made his transition on November 12, 2007. He turned his invaluable legacy over to his wife, Katharina, knowing their eons of lifetimes together created deep commitment of honoring each other's work. In the months and years to come, Katharina and her dedicated

staff continue manufacturing Slim's Light-Life™ Tools as well as creating new products all based on the principles of the Light-Life ™ Tools and under the guidance of Slim.
Katharina continues the teaching of Slim’s workshops on the Applications of the Light-Life™ Tools.

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Please use this site as a window to discovery and join us in being pro-active within life's grand experiment.

Warm regards,

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