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The Arcturians

The Arcturians


This is a very brief overview of the work of the Arcturians.  Everything is in Divine Order, & as part of this Order, & part of my Service, I have found myself drawn to the work of our Beloved Arcturians.  As a foundation member of the Auckland Arcturian Group of Forty [Forty groups of Forty people established by David Miller of the USA through Divine Guidance]. We meet on the 1st Sunday of each month synchronising with all the other groups around the World to participate in Meditation for Highest good of Mother Earth & Humanity.


ARCTURUS [ Guardian of the Bear]  is a red super giant star, 36.7 Light years from Earth in the Bootes constellation & is one of the most advanced civilisations in this Galaxy.

One of the purposes of working with them, is to keep open & maintain the corridors & portals that connect 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension in readiness for Planetary Ascension.

The Arcturians, chosen by the Galactic Federation are the Guardians of Gaia & her inhabitants.
The Arcturian Corridor is a tunnel of light which serves as an Inter Dimensional Portal to the 5th Dimension & beyond.  When souls have completed their time in Lower Worlds, they travel through this corridor on their return to the higher Dimensions.
So... Our beloved Arcturians are the Sentinels or Gate Keepers of this corridor, which serves not only as a gateway which souls pass through during Death & Rebirth, but also as a Way Station for Non Physical Consciousness to become accustomed to Physicality.  When you travel beyond your Solar System to experience other Systems, you use this Corridor.
The Arcturians continue to gift many tools that support us on many levels throughout our Ascension process. Those who work closely with them are able to channel these specific energetic vibrations through to those who are open to receive, resulting in great benefits on all levels.  The Arcturians, working together with the GOF around the world, have established Planetary Cities of Light, helping to create & expand Sacred places on Mother Earth, bringing a new balance of Sacredness to these areas. Auckland City Being #41.  In harmony with our Arcturians, we have also brought through 12 powerful Etheric Crystals [as above, so below] which form the New 5th Dimensional tree of Life on Mother Earth. Placed in specific Countries around the World, each Crystal has a specific purpose, our own Lake Taupo holds the vibration of the basic Foundation of Reality [Intuition].

On specific dates – triple date portals [TDP] eg 8.8.8 & 11.11.11, Soltices & Equinoxes, these crystals are powered up another notch. Come Dec. 2012, The Mount Shasta Crystal will be at full power.  As a group or an individual, connecting with these Crystals during meditation, with focused intent helps to bring great benefits to one’s self, Mother Earth & Humanity.
There is much information available on the Internet [simply Google “The Arcturians], & our own GOF welcomes new members.
I hold regular Workshops bringing through their energies to assist all with whom this work resonates.  Their energies are also encoded into specific “Paintings for the Soul” viewed on my website -

GAIL TAYLOR ‘s take on Life is “If it’s not fun, I’m not playing,” & she brings her zest for Life into all her       activities. As a Clear Channel for Spirit, her gifts &   abilities continue to manifest in many ways.

As a Painter, her “Paintings for the Soul” are     beautiful    artworks, co-created with Spirit, that carry specific encoded  vibrations to assist you on your Life’s journey.

As a Healing Facilitator, Gail is a dedicated &        intuitive channel for Spirit, blessed to bring through the Christ  Energies to help heal, balance & restore on all levels, whether hands on or for Distance  Healing.

As a Teacher/Convenor of  Spiritual Growth      Presentations around NZ, where one experiences   & integrates throughout their Being, the Energetic     Vibrations of the Language of Light of the Heavenly Realms, channelled through her voice, supporting all through their Ascension process.

As a Writer & Channel, Gail Hand scripts the Light   Language of the Higher Dimensional Galactic Living Library of  Wisdom & Knowledge, available as     personal readings, & Channels “Simple Truths– the Knowledge & Wisdom of the Ancients”, from Lord Metatron..

Practising for many years, with the highest Integrity, Gail’s passion is evident always, in all ways, her gifts benefit many in their Daily lives.

Contact: Gail Taylor
Mobile: +64 27 442 7848