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Earth Energy


Perhaps the most simplistic way to understand our human body in relation to the body of the earth is through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a philosophy that understands the nature and function of the human body through our organs. Meridians, acupressure points, and the five elements. And from this understanding it is very easy to relate to the earth's physical and energetic field. The ley lines and energy vortexes which are so often the location of man-made structures, be them covered places of worship or stone circles completely open to the elements.






























Now with this understanding another important thing to know is that not all earth energies are beneficial to our health and well-being. There are times when you may encounter Geopathic stress in your home or surrounding environment and in this case you may like to seek support for understanding and clearing of such energies. Here is an article by Paul Halloran that may support your awareness.


Spirit Release & Geopathic Stress