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Essence of Earthwalk



Welcome to Earth School, the University of Duality on the only planet of choice, this beautiful blue-green planet where we choose to come for the greatest opportunity of our soul’s evolution ☺ Have you ever paused long enough to ask yourself those soul searching, and potentially life-changing questions; Who am I? What am I doing here? What is this experience of life on earth really about? And having asked yourself these questions, have you found the motivation to create the time and space in your daily life to actively pursue the answers?


Just imagine if your soul’s purpose was not only to find out the answers to these questions yet also what lies beyond them? How would your journey on earth be if each day dawned as the greatest adventure of your life, one that you really wanted to be fully present for, one that you wouldn’t want to miss, for anything or anyone?


All you need is the deep desire for these answers, the willingness to work for them, and an unwavering belief that you can succeed! This often requires letting go of control and surrendering to your soul. Letting go of what you think your life 'should' look like and surrendering to that aspect of self that knows exactly who you are and what you came here for. Returning to your home (your body), your heart and to love.


To actively engage in your Earthwalk has the potential to lead you on the most magnificent adventure of your life, an adventure that almost certainly will invite you out of your comfort zone and into new experiences that support your expanding consciousness. Experiences that inspire you to; question your current understanding and organization of reality and change the way you are walking in the world. An invitation to let go of all that no longer supports your soul’s journey so that you may experience those synchronistic encounters that bring magick back into everyday life.


Your wholeness and your happiness need no longer be dependent on another person or place. Your purpose and passion for being here is patiently waiting to be revealed. Isn't it time to engage your childhood curiosity and unwrap your own magnificence? The time is now, if you are ready to discover life on earth as a fully embodied, connected, integrated, multi-dimensional, vibrational being, experiencing itself through physical reality while taking full responsibility for the reality you are creating.


The process of ascension that is so widely discussed in new age circles of today is not about leaving our bodies, it is about bringing more of our consciousness into our body, grounding it here on earth and really celebrating and honouring the gift of the hu-man experience of being as we co-create the world we wish to live in. I invite you to discover who you really are as a self-sourcing, sovereign being, unveil your purpose for being here and the adventure of life on earth in a physical form. It is your choice and there is none else on this earth who can take your ‘Earthwalk’ for you; if not you, then who? If not now, then when?


May this site act as a portal to support your journey of self- discovery.