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Foundation & Recalibration

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Foundation & Recalibation
Soul Embodiment & Evolution
New Earth Business Mentoring
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Thank you for your interest in my private and confidential soul embodiment programs to deepen soul embodiment and accelerate your evolutionary process, so the next chapter of your journey may unfold with as much ease, grace, joy and pleasure as possible 


Depending upon the amount of personal work one has done the Foundation & Recalibration  soul embodiment program, that has evolved from my own personal journey and that of supporting others over the past 20 yrs, takes on average 12 hours and has proven profoundly transformative when engaged on a fortnightly basis.


This involves addressing the trinity of your masculine, feminine, and inner child, through your current Earthwalk that you have conscious memory of, and bringing them into coherence and sacred union within. Thus enabling the extra terrestrial nature of your soul to fully integrate into your human body.


We engage in this process through the New Earth Architecture which is of a vibrational frequency that greatly supports the dissolution of any distortions with minimum processing through the physical and emotional bodies. These may include; unresolved and/or unconscious trauma, conception, prenatal or birth imprinting, ancestral disharmony, sexual trauma and/or past lives that may be preventing your soul’s decent into body, connection with GAIA and alignment into your self-sourcing sovereignty, with your own direct connection to Source.

It is not uncommon that we may encounter entities, implants and androids, that may be present as either evolutionary or interfering by nature, vows, contracts,  hex, curses, spells, black magic, or sorcery and these will all be addressed and removed or dissolved along the way.  Likewise soul retrieval happens spontaneously in a very natural and organic way as and when situations present.

At the Core of Source in the Heart of GAIA exists the architecture of our New Earth, a future that is available for us to inhabit here and now. A potential that exists at a vibrational frequency beyond personal and planetary karma. A primordial pot of such purity and potency where there is no longer any separation between creator and creation.


The Foundation & Recalibration Program, opens and establishes your personal pathway to Source through the bodies; physical, mental, emotional, soul, higher self and over soul. Once this has integrated and stabilized, through the amplified field of shared unity, we have the opportunity to invite your future self into the now and explore your highest possible soul destiny and service.


First sessions take approx 2 - 2.5 hours; 30 mins to 1 hour to share your personal history so that we may track where any unhealed aspects may be including; cords, attachments,, family history, ancestral influence, repetitive injury or illness and/or parts of your soul consciousness that may be trapped in other timelines and ready to return. Thereafter sessions take approximately 2 hrs.

This gives us a conscious map of what we may encounter before we begin the energetic part of your session. You may also have questions you wish to ask so that your mind is at ease and able to surrender to the process.


Likewise if you have already completed this and simply require support and or coaching for a specific issue, then I also offer one-off sessions as and when required including; light-body upgrades, DNA activation, walk-in support, Intuitive Business Coaching and Team Building for alignment and anchoring of New Earth Projects and Business.

Thank you for your commitment to your personal path,

I look forward to the possibility of supporting you further on your journey.

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