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Return to Nature


A enormous part of this journey home to self is also a return to nature, to what is natural and organic, to the understanding that nature is perfection and so too is our human body and soul and if we are ready to make that journey home, the best thing we can do to support that is to unplug from the mind-control matrix and return to the simplicity and beauty of life on earth, connected and grounded in nature, in perfection.


As a vibrational or electrical being we have perhaps already discovered how calming it is to be in nature and natural environments free from noise, static and congestion. Or how the inside of a church, mosque or synagogue can be such a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. This is because almost all places of worship have been constructed, not only on earth energy vortexes, but also in Sacred Geometry, literally in the divine perfection of nature.

















Many of you may have heard of the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Mean, that never-ending equation that connects us to the infinite, that connects us home to the source of ourselves. And for those who know the power of this; the earth's religious institutions and the rich and famous, who employ the services of architects and builders of sacred geometrics know, that to live and work in these environments supports both their human existence and evolution.

















This of course brings us to the Sacred Geometry of Sound and how powerful the pure harmonics of sound are on our journey home to self.  And rather than reinvent the wheel I would like to offer you a link to an article by Ani Williams in the Spirit of Ma'at.


Sacred Geometry & the Structure of Music


Know that as you have a unique soul signature, you also have a unique soul song and one to the best ways for you to discover this is simply by toning, wherever you are and whenever you remember, simply opening your mouth and exploring your body through sound which in itself is an incredible tool for shifting stuck emotional energy.