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Sacred Sites



There are Sacred Sites strategically located all over our earth, sites that were built on powerful earth energy vortexes in direct relation with the cosmos to support us with aligning and recalibrating to the seasons, cycles and celestial events of nature. The pyramids for example are designed specifically to disperse energy through the earth field particularly at this extraordinary time of evolution for the earth and humanity.


For several years I believe I was one of the most unconscious light workers on our planet; an overland driver who spent her days wandering barefoot through the developing countries of all of our major continents, sitting around campfires and sleeping on the earth under the stars, as I guided groups of like-minded and adventurous souls to the majority of our major sacred sites and energy vortexs. Little did I know at the time that it was all just preparation for the work my soul had come here for.























During my process of awakening, on that beloved journey home, which I must say continues to this day, I did eventually wake up to what I was doing, how my body and being was operating as a conduit for earth and cosmic energy. I must also admit that in the process I managed to get in my own way by 'doing' too much for a few years too.  Many years later I feel I have almost mastered the flow of the dance between being and doing, listening to my soul and taking action, and as a result I now live the most extra-ordinary life of anyone I know, a life for which I am eternally grateful :)


The past 1.5 yrs and the next year have been completely guided, where I have to be when, either alone or with others, on the land, on the ocean, in retreat or a combination of the two, and the experiences that we have been sharing have been extraordinary. 


Two of the most common experiences sisters and brothers are having on these journeys is both clearing of any past life memories related to any particular temple or site, and more often than not awakening within, ancient soul memories that are here to support their work in this lifetime. And the gift of being in service is that not only is our presence supporting the evolution of the earth being, it is also directly supporting and accelerating our own individual evolution process.