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Sacred Sites & Journeys

There are tens of thousands of Sacred Sites strategically located all over our earth, sites that are built in sacred geometry upon powerful earth energy vortexes in direct relation with the cosmos. They are designed to support us with aligning and reconnecting to our soul, re-calibrating with nature and coming into coherence with Source.  An example may be one of the roles of our planetary pyramid system which is to  receive and disperse cosmic energy through the earth field, while also to support stabilization of the planet during major earth changes and our  impending pole shift, particularly at this extraordinary time of evolution.

Answering the Call …
Many of us carry keys and codes within our sound-song-soul-signature that resonate with particular places of power on our planet and, at certain intervals of space-time, we are called to show up in our physical presence to dive deep into the magic of our multi-dimensionality and the mystery that lies within the holographic nature of reality.
Our Earth’s; Pyramids, Stone Circles, Ancient Temple Sites and their systems are Living Libraries of Light. When these libraries interface with the libraries contained within our personal soul-systems, we begin to unlock the memories of our ancient, future, past, both personally and collectively.  Coming into greater coherence with the aspect of self that resides outside of time and providing clarity for our personal path and planetary service.


“Transcendent experiences are difficult and almost impossible to describe, because they are experienced from the great mystery of the universal heart, and not from the linear, organized, ego-based mind. From this point on, it becomes our hearts calling to bring these experiences back into our material world. And if we are lucky enough to be able to anchor this indescribable extraordinary space, even ever if so briefly upon on our world, we know an echo of this divinity will reverberate on our Earth forever.”                         


~ Aluna Joy ~

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