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Self Discovery


This is a journey of 'SELF' discovery so please do not believe everything that I share here, as that might simply create more head 'knowledge". What I have discovered is that by having my own experiences, what I had learned became embodied, and it is from this space that I share and invite you to have your own experiences too.


Therefore, please take what resonates and whatever comes up with a 'maybe', may I suggest you place that particular possibility on your own etheric bookshelf inviting you to have an experience of your own, and whatever is a full 'NO' please feel free to send direct to the recycle bin without wasting another moment.


The Journey home to self is not rocket science and no longer requires a lifetime or more to achieve the foundations of, and the best thing I discovered is that it is not about putting anymore information in, but rather taking away and letting go all of that which is not of our essential soul essence.


This includes yet is not limited to; this and/or past-life trauma, cords, attachments, thought forms, belief systems, society programming and conditioning, repetitive patterns of behaviour and almost everything we know and think we are. And in this process we get to discover who we really are in our natural, organic and authentic nature as a vibrational being of unique origins, inhabiting an extraordinary and intelligent animal body.




























The most powerful tools I have experienced to support this journey are founded in Shamanic Energy Medicine which has the capability to clear the blueprint, that which pervades and informs our mind and body, of all that which is not of our pristine origins.


There are simple techniques that take you back to the oldest conscious memory with the greatest emotional charge and through, sound, breath and movement it is possible to literally unpack the memories from the blueprint and the body where the memory may be stored on a cellular level.


As Einstein once said 'Nothing can be cured at the level of which it has manifest'


And, the more that is cleared and released from your blueprint the more space there is for your own consciousness to inhabit your body. And the clearer the vibration of your unique soul essence or signature, the more likely you are to attract all that you need to discover who you are, follow your passion and fulfil your life purpose.


And in the process it is likely that you might once again remember what it is like to discover life from the joyful innocence of a beginner's mind as you take your first steps into your multi-dimensionality. I often describe the journey as stepping out of linear time and mind based learning and being given an empty jigsaw puzzle that piece by piece we put ourselves back together again only this time better then ever.