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Embodiment requires relaxation in our root, base and sexual centre, this means that if we are carrying any; shame, fear, guilt, programming, conditioning, limiting beliefs, trauma from this life or others, or have a tendency to abandon our body when engaging intimately or sexually, we have work to do to restore what is natural, organic, sustainable and sacred.


As we evolve we naturally develop much more awareness around energy management and realise that there is no separation between our life force and sexual energy, they are ultimately one and the same. Learning to cultivate sexual energy while practising discernment of sexual expression, is vital to fully embody self-sourcing-sexual-sovereignty.


Ultimately this restores our eco-sexual nature and reignites our inherent capacity to make love with life, and to once again experience what it feels like to be ‘ALIVE’.  And when we gather with like-minded souls devoted to birthing our New Earth we discover that this primordial pot of creation is over-flowing with occupational arousal and infinite ecstasy.


Sovereignty is a word that is igniting and uniting hearts throughout the ever expanding and interconnecting circles of new age spirituality, describing an emerging culture of autonomy, independence and self-government.  More and more individuals are taking leave from the momentum tunnel of consensual reality and expressing themselves with both freedom and self-responsibility.  Where the sustainability of our biosphere; the health and well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants is an absolute priority.


Reclamation of self-sourcing-sovereignty in an embodied, grounded, and heart-centred manner, opens the pathway to source where there is no longer any separation between creator and creation. Where we are able to live heaven on earth here and now.

Sexuality & Sovereignty

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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